Video Projection Mapping

Even though Video Mapping is not based on project visuals on large surfaces or buildings, effectiveness of the works is depends on productions. Due to building surfaces are based on certain architecture, it is essential to be integrity for the part such as window, relieve or column in the projects. Video Mapping and light show should be distinguished from each other. Instead of making light games with giant projectors, it is essential to move building by using Video Mapping software on building (to demolish building ect.) and to impress people with using hole architecture of building. Otherwise it can be demonstrated on a building with colored spot lights or movie projection machine.

Requisites of these works are visualization and making a video of well constructed scenario, choosing the right projectors for the building or surface, player PC and software.

Project Istanbul is with you all the time in your Video Mapping projects; from fiction to preparation of storyboard, from assistance of equipment to visual processes.


video mapping